Liberals and Obama Media Lie To Dampen Republican Voters’ Enthusiasm

Mainstream Liberal Media: Kill opposition voter turn-out

The liberal media are up to its old tricks. They don’t have to come up with a new playbook; instead, they continue repeating the same old order. Their objective,  is to kill Republican voting enthusiasm with propaganda smoke and mirror lies so that enough voters will not vote for Romney and Ryan thereby making it possible for Obama to squeak by to a razor thin 2012 presidential election victory.

“I’ll Be There [to Vote Republican] Or I’ll Be Dead” –


>>>>>>> Almost every day we are insulted by polls that over sample Democrats to create the false impression that Barack Obama is either winning or the race is “too close to call.” These use ridiculous over sampling of Democrats, but they can’t change the facts.

While the media does an excellent job of covering up the Democrats gapping and growing enthusiasm gap careful research and cross referencing can bring out the truth. Each of these factors spells trouble for Barack Obama. <<<<<<<< –


Mentally Disturbed Media –

Obama Lies – He Must Shame Even the Devil –


Please note for reference:

Election Projection – The Battle for Capitol Hill – 2012 Senate –

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors –

U.S. Constitution Online –


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Nathan M. Bickel


  1. I think the “oversampling” in the polls is really telling. The Lib media is oversampling democrats in the polls, and Romney is still neck and neck with Obama or just a razor thin percentage shy of him? Think about how many of those dems are polling for Romney if the Lib media is stacking the polls. Clearly this shows Romney has killer support in the conservative democrat circle and more!

    1. Faith Martin –

      Thank you for visiting

      I think that you are correct. Yes, this “oversampling” is “really telling,” [your choice description]. I like your observation and conclusion. Surely the Lib media is being nefarious and deceptive. But, why wouldn’t they, being, since they have chosen from the start to cozy up to Obama.

      Finally, it is a crying shame that the 50 plus million voters who voted Obama into his White House occupying position don’t see reality for what it is! It is just almost unbelievable how they are blinded to allow the mainstream media to blind them:

      Suck-up Media Enjoy Brief White House Banquet Break, Before Crawling Back Into Obama’s Anus

      Mentally Disturbed Media

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