This posting has caught “fire” and is receiving much web attention as this website’s stats indicate. People and voters are interested in the character backgrounds of the two candidates up for the top job in the world, housed at our US White House. Perhaps, this time around voters will know more about the one candidate, who, 4 years ago, escaped media and social media scrutiny.

Don’t tell me that there is not a clear choice this presidential voting season. As much as the Obama lib media continues to slobber all over him; there is a clear difference. Just start thinking of and reflecting on the totality of Romney’s background and Obama’s background. Once you begin doing that, without swallowing (hook, line and sinker) the lib propaganda media [which is in Obama’s pocket]; you will see some clear differences.

Is there no wonder why one candidate is so extreme on social issues, such as abortion; partial birth abortion; infanticide; homosexual (same sex) [so-called] “marriage?” Just stand back and (logically) think for a moment and consider both candidates’ upbringing and roots. This time around there is no excuse to be uninformed about both candidates’ characters and backgrounds, – especially, Obama’s:

When A Bear Hug Is More Than A Bear Hug – Exclusive:  Erik Rush wonders if ‘1st…

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  1. Play blind , deaf and dumb ass liberal! Even if they see him on TV kill somebody, the left wing idiots will say that it was Romney and American idiots will still vote for him! That’s how this 47% will do! Parasites! Leeches!

    1. Angel Nova –

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment. I share your view about some of these mindless idiots. But, at the same time I don’t think that all of those 47% who derive some government benefit, will eventually and automatically vote for Obama. Some who are granted a food stamp benefit are truly grateful. They aren’t like the mindless woman now featured on Facebook who will vote for Obama because she acquired a free cell phone, and gives Obama all the credit.

      Furthermore, I have to agree with Rush Limbaugh who has been telling his huge audience that the polls are being skewed in obama’s favor; and that the Obama kowtowing media is on a rampage to discourage a huge Republican voter turn-out.

      Finally, what bothers me more than Obama being our present White House occupier, is that 50 plus American voters were foolish enough to vote for him in the first place!

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