Obama’s big talk and big government fails: Hurricane Sandy’s hard pressed survivors are evidence

Hurricane survivors: When Obama was elected, millions of voters thought their world had turned into 7th heaven. Harsh reality has now shattered that erroneous belief. See the last related links below.

Until Hurricane Sandy struck this web author thought that nothing could move rabid Obama supporters from abandoning their scandal ridden human savior. Perhaps, the aftermath devastation has finally awakened some of them. Perhaps, some of them finally are recognizing for the first time that his snake charming promises haven’t matched harsh reality. The hurricane and furious weather (now) following is taking its toll upon umpteen thousands of needy Northeastern people, ravaged by this latest natural disaster.

Four years of the Obama presidency has taught gullible voters to hang on every word frothing from Obama’s forked tongue. However, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and massing cold weather, it is becoming apparent that many [perhaps, now sensible] Northeastern voters don’t care about empty (hope and change) promises; rather, they want results. However, positive results don’t seem to be forthcoming despite Obama’s media photo opt love fest with New Jersey governor Christie.

Where is the Red Cross; government FEMA; and government promising politicians? Suffering souls are left without electricity and gasoline. They are bereft of heat with increasing freezing temperatures. Where is the needed food – and, especially, clean drinking water? Obama’s big government had advance warning to ready itself for an adequate, measured and immediate response; but, apparently, did not do so, as chaos, looting abound and American citizens are fighting for their very lives!

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>>>>>>>Hungry, cold and without power, victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York are resorting to dumpster-diving for food, Human Events reported Friday. Meanwhile, Twitchy reports that President Obama is in Las Vegas with Eva Longoria, where there is plenty of power, food and water.

Human Events, citing the Drudge Report, said that the situation regarding hurricane victims is dire and getting worse…… <<<<<<<< – examiner.com/


North East will punch Obama in Political “Nose” for Electric Grid, Broken Promises, and $6 Trillion Missing! – rightonweekly.com/



Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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  1. Where is “their” great leader now I ask? Shame Shame same as it always has been with Barry nothing but wind. As always great story Nathan.

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