Last week’s blog articles: November 18-24/12

Last week’s blog articles: November 18-24/12 – And last week’s top 3 blog articles


Pic of UN Sec. Susan Rice. When testifies before the Congressional Benghazi scandal committee, will she put on this frowning face? Will she demonstrate that she has sat at Obama’s feet, learning to play his conspiratorial blame games? Note:  The Susan Rice Moralmatters blog article (below) which received the most page views last week


Top 3 blog postings last week:

1 – Obama Benghazi scandal Co-conspirator UN Sec. Rice attempts to absolve herself of lies –

2 – 2016 Presidential Election: Worthless to vote Republican –

3 – Why give thanks to God after this corrupted 2008 US election? –



Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

Please note for future voting consideration reference:

Note:  Above picture (s) found on the web


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