NRA LaPierre to be commended: Obama, Cuomo and Bloomberg are all Constitutional hypocrites

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre is to be commended. He proposes a plan to end school shooting violence. Obama, Cuomo and Bloomberg are gutless cowards. All they do is promote limiting our Constitutional freedoms.

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre is to be commended. He proposes a plan to end school shooting violence. Obama, Cuomo and Bloomberg are gutless cowards. All they do is promote the limitation of our Constitutional freedoms.

Obama, New York Governor, Cuomo and New York City, mayor, Bloomberg are all shameless. They all call for an attack on one of America’s most cherished freedoms – The Second Amendment. NRA Wayne LaPierre, though, is the only significant American personality and leader who has proposed a decent plan to protect the nation’s public school children. Obama, Cuomo and Bloomberg are hypocritical politicians who are protected by firearms and who want the rest of us to be left without the same equal protection.

Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the NRA- Responds to Obama’s Inaugural address –


>>>>>>>Wayne LaPierre responded to Obama’s Inaugural address. He is getting blasted for it from the media. He focuses on Obama saying “Absolutism” during the inaugural speech. He says Obama said “absolutism” in reference to the 2nd amendment and it’s meaning is not where the U.S. citizens can have any type arms they want.

LaPierre says “We need to have the same Freedoms as the “elite” and be able to keep our children safe at schools, just as those in D.C.

He goes through all the “red tape” of what Obama wants to accomplish with gun control. He says Obama wants to tax or confiscate guns as the end result, from wanting a National Gun Registration.

LaPierre says “We have absolutism” in our Rights and the government is trying to take them away.” …… <<<<<<<< –


NRA’s LaPierre slams critics of school gun plan –

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


  1. A self-proclaimed “pastor emeritus” supporting the sale of murderous weapons? Very “un-Christian” in my opinion. (And I do own firearms.)

    1. degitt –

      First of all – thank you for your attentive visitation to

      Secondly: I like short, sweet and nonsensical comments from libs (or, lib mentality types) such as yours. It is an occasion for this website’s readers to witness how such propagandized people poorly reason.

      You must have learned your lib lessons well. You start off your comment, slurring my character and credentials. That is the old familiar tactic of [poor logic] “poisoning the well” or, better known to liberals, as the “character ridicule assassination” ploy.

      Then another tactic; you adeptly employ. You offer your strong opinion, without any evidence to support it. You know that I am a Christian and believe in Christian principles based upon the Holy Scriptures. Consequently, then, you take the opposite viewpoint.

      Oh, by the way – you ascribe to weapons a “murderous” intent; as if weapons have an ill-bent personality of their own.

      degitt – Nice try, again; but next time I will look for some improvement on your part to make your (future) comment appear more logical.

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