Fascinating Motorcycle Parade: How do they do that?

Note the boy’s facial body language response before the half way mark of this short 1:16 minute video. You won’t forget it!

Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



Note: Above pic (s) found on the web. The above one was found here:  



  1. A disgusting display of government waste. How many tax dollars were wasting training these police officers for this display of bread and circuses? I expect largesse of this scale from a Socialist like Obama. He will soon display his dancing drones.

    1. Sherman –

      I believe that this motorcyle parade took place some years ago in Rome, Italy – judging from what I saw briefly on the video. Maybe it wasn’t Italian government waste. Maybe this was a show the Vatican funded. Who knows? At least I gave you some leads. You can research it out yourself. I like the whole thing – but, especially the smirk on the boy’s face!

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