Obama’s Benghazi scandal and his personal hypocrisy


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Please note the link below as it has all the multiple Moralmatters article links regarding the Benghazi Scandal:

Obama Benghazi Cover-up Scandal – moralmatters.org/

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Why Divine Revelation (Scripture) condemns homosexuality. Why homosexual activists become so upset when their lifestyle is called into question – thechristianmessage.org/2011/05/


Note – The following link provides contact information to our nation’s top political personalities.They are the elected leaders:

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors – conservativeusa.org/

Also –

U.S. Constitution Online – usconstitution.net/


Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



Note:  Pics and / or videos found on the web.


    1. dougsterd –

      Dream on. I think that the only dinner you’d have, would be with one of Obama’s food tasters. And, even if you’d be fortunate to secure a meeting with the White House occupier, he wouldn’t be able to handle the truth.

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