Scandal within a scandal: Obama’s absence during the Benghazi terrorist attack

Will pizza patrons ever return to this pizza joint after witnessing Obama and his buddy display such affection for one another? Will their pizza ever taste the same? Note: Check out the link below about the "pizza guy"

Will some pizza patrons ever return to this pizza joint after witnessing Obama and his buddy display such affection for one another? Will their pizza ever taste the same? Please note the news piece.

What was it that personally inconvenienced Obama from performing his Commander-in-Chief job the night and morning that resulted in the needless deaths of 4 Americans?

Surely we must assume that there is another scandal (yet to be fully uncovered) within the (already) Obama Benghazi Scandal. Else Obama would be forthcoming as to his unexplained absence (aka” “AWOL” mystery). Or, is it really a “mystery” – Obama’s whereabouts that dreadful night when 4 Americans were abandoned by our AWOL president, (supposed) Commander-in-Chief?

What does this White House occupier Obama do with all his spare time, since he claims that he is not responsible and accountable for all the White House scandals? Does he spend his days shooting White House basketball hoops? Is he spending time in the WH bowling alley or beer garden bar? What does he do with all his time when he is not campaigning for this and that and giving I, me and my speeches around the country?

Is Obama spending his time with White House unscheduled and undocumented visitors? Is he phoning celebrities and inviting them over for personal party times? What was Obama doing for that multi-hour period of time (span) when our US Benghazi Consulate was under a  Muslim terrorist attack? Was Obama so preoccupied with “personal business” that he could not fulfill his emergency duty as US Commander-in-Chief? Why was he apparently and obviously AWOL?

ObamaBenghaziCallingGayGuyButIgnoringBenghaziCrewWas Obama drugged up? Was he stoned? Was he attempting to take some mind blowing trip down college day’s memory lane, desperate to re-capture his younger glory days amidst all his mounting political failures? Or, did Obama confuse his cigarettes with some other substance? Was he attempting to sleep off some personal [“Michael Jackson type”] physician injected medication? Was Obama experiencing some deep psychological guilt trip difficulty which emotionally strung him out to dry? Did Obama have some fierce fight with the White House occupier, First Lady? What was it? Why no Obama when his country was calling for him?

Was Obama temporarily (for hours on end) incapacitated even to walk a straight line or add 2 plus 2?

Maybe the crucial question isn’t “where” Obama was, but, rather what type of “condition” he was in during that secretive span of time when a presidential decision was imminently required to affect a half-ways decent military rescue response?

Not surprisingly, the Benghazi scandal investigation has not (yet) been able to discover the whereabouts of Obama during the terrorist attack. Why is that? What is there to hide? Where was, and in what condition was Obama for America when a specific group of Americans needed him? There are unaccounted hours of precious time, which are being kept under secretive key by the Obama White House and apparent presidential insiders. However, that “secretive key” is now apparently turning……. Note the following reported news:

Red Flag News reports some new information and promises future updated material:

Pic of terrorist beaten US Benghazi  Ambassador Chris Stevens during the time period of Obama's unexplained and unaccounted for absence. It is no wonder why Obama won't account for his Commander-in-Chief AWOL presence.

Pic of terrorist beaten US Benghazi Ambassador Chris Stevens during the time period of Obama’s unexplained and unaccounted for absence. It is no wonder why Obama won’t account for his Commander-in-Chief AWOL miss-presence?

SHOCK: Obama Was ‘Incapacitated’ Due To ‘Staggering, Inapt Activities’ Between The Hours Of 1800 And 2300 On The Night Of Benghazi… – by J.R. Elliot; May 21, 2013 –

<<<<< This is a developing story. It will be updated when new information is discovered… >>>>> –


<<<<<<<< Two sources close to the inner circle of the Obama White House have communicated exclusively to RedFlag News that during the night of Benghazi, President Obama was ‘incapacitated’ due to ‘staggering, inapt activities’ between the hours of 1800 and 2300.

In light of the clear culture of intimidation by the Obama Administration, our sources are not in any position to come forward; however, they made clear that if the White House Press Corps and other journalist organizations would aggressively pursue all their ‘available contacts within the POTUS bubble’, the ‘most damaging story in American presidential history’ will advance from those higher up who are itching to blow the whistle…… >>>>>>> –

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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  1. The evidence is mounting and I fear this whole thing is unraveling right down to the ground. It is so sickening to watch and there will be distractions before it’s all over because that and denial is all he has left. He cannot deal with any of it. How far does that go? I expect Obama is shortening his own life span in more ways than one. If America is on code blue so is he and he’s beginning to see it.

    Anything can happen now and most likely will. There is a time when sowing is over and reaping begins. It’s like a tornado (we get them in my area too) first there is the tornado watch, then the tornado warning, and finally the tornado impact when everything goes. He has sown to the wind and he will reap the world wind. I just hope we can make it through this one. It’s going to be a big one!

    1. Bree –

      Nice hearing from you again!

      I find your comment to be very insightful. I think you are spot on about what all Obama “has left,” – “distractions and denial!” [Your apt words]

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