Trayvon Martin: No innocent adolescent child as portrayed by the corrupted mainstream media


The politically correct race baiting mainstream media propagandized the American public from the git-go with the apparent 13 year old pic of Trayvon Martin.

If there is a major lesson to be learned in the unfortunate death of Trayvon Martin, it is the present and future warning to all Americans to beware of media inaccuracy; – and, to question its stark dishonesty. Utterly deplorable, was the manner in which the mainstream media began and continued to categorize the deadly incident.

The corrupted politically correct media from the git-go portrayed Trayvon Martin as an adolescent and innocent “kid.” They did this with inaccurate pictures that displayed the faulty depiction of Martin as a young child; when, in reality, Trayvon apparently was a troubled teen dabbling in drugs and a subject of high school administration concern for unruly behavior.

Furthermore, word gushed from the Internet of Trayvon Martin’s descriptive online language, arrogance and independent lifestyle. Also, the latest, this Moralmatters author has found, was that Martin was apparently involved with a “fight” club:

“Trayvon’s Fight Club – The Inconvenient Truth:”

Following that [above] article this author responded to a comment by “dave” who made the emotional claim that Trayvon Martin’s death was a “murder” and that he was but a “child:”

According to the Al Sharpton / Jesse Jackson type race baiters, a large polled percentage of blacks and those who cannot accept the Zimmerman trial verdict, a person has to be dead to defend himself.

According to the Al Sharpton / Jesse Jackson type race baiters, a large polled percentage of blacks and those who cannot accept the Zimmerman trial verdict, a person has to be dead to defend himself.

[This Moralmatters author’s comment response to the above]:


The corrupt mainstream media and Trayvon Martin’s prosecution team attempted to paint the erroneous and dishonest picture that a “child” was “murdered” by a bigoted grown 28 year old man. Their propaganda ignored that Trayvon Martin was of taller stature and, according to the testimonial evidence, had Zimmerman pinned down and was beating on him. Emotional anger dismisses the legitimacy of logical self defense.


It is not “murder” to defend oneself. Martin was apparently, “killed” in self defense. And, Trayvon was no innocent adolescent “child,” as the mainstream media portrayed him. When will people like you, wean yourselves [off] from the mainstream media propaganda?


Must see short video of black preacher, Dr. James Manning’s sermon segment:

Dr. James Manning Delivers Confrontational Sermon on Trayvon Martin –


‘The Lynching’: Bill Whittle lays out Zimmerman facts media kept hidden –

Trayvon suspended THREE times for ‘drugs, truancy, graffiti and carrying burglary tool’ and did he attack bus driver too? New picture emerges of victim as parents claim it’s all a smear

New Details On Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin Suspended From School Three Times: Report 

3 Articles that show trayvon was not the angel he’s portrayed to be 

Also Related – articles on the Zimmerman / Martin shooting and aftermath:

Other related informational links as posted by someone on Facebook:

Hello. Don’t recognize me? That’s OK; I understand. My name was Antonio West

Disgusting tweets from Trayvon – Obama says “Trayvon could have been me 35 yrs ago

“Evidence The Judge Didn’t Allow …
…And The Photos The Media Didn’t Want You To see”:

The Black George Zimmerman the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Trayvon Martin supporters ransack Walgreens – surveillance video

Taryvon Martin revenge mob attack in Milwaulkee

STUNNING RESCUE FROM POUNCING BLACK MOB ‘This is for Trayvon’ victim: ‘I was just being pummeled from every direction I could imagine’,0,2522648.story

Zimmerman anger: protest violence in LA over Zimmerman acquittal


Posted by:

Nathan M. Bickel

Note:  Above pics and / or videos found on the web.


  1. Someone on Facebook made the following comment after I posted this MM article there:

    He was no “child” innocently walking home…..he was a 17 year old THUG with an arrest record for other VIOLENT crimes a yard long already.

    To which this author responded:

    Yes. And the media was erroneously making him out to be a “Beaver” in a 50’s Cleaver family…………

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