Obama finally admits to being responsible and taking the blame

Word has it that Obama's Attorney General Holder will give him the same break he gave the [old] Black Panthers. He won't prosecute Obama for the Jimmy Carter tragedy. Instead he recommends that Obama return to biking. Will Obama do so as he begins his August 7 million dollar vacation?

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, gave him the same break he gave the [old] Black Panthers; not prosecuting Obama (for the Jimmy Carter tragedy). Instead he recommended that Obama return to biking. Will Obama do that this August, as he begins another one of his multi-million dollar vacations?

Please refer to the note at the very bottom of this page for a more complete understanding of this posting:

This Moralmatters.org author was appalled when he read the following “reported” recent news.

It was not the shock that the Carter octogenarian and former acquaintance of Yassar Arafat had reportedly met an abrupt end; but, this author had no idea that Obama could even drive, much less manage to sit still behind the wheel of an automobile. How in the world does Obama manage to swagger when he is seated behind a steering wheel? Was his car specially fitted with a strutting driver’s seat? Was this the behind the scenes [real] cause for his “accident?”

Obama finally admits to being responsible and taking the blame. In the following (referenced satirical article) Obama reportedly gives unfortunate details of his trip:

“Obama Not Sure How To Tell Nation This, But He Ran Over Jimmy Carter With Car Last Night:” – theonion.com/


WASHINGTON—Sighing and shaking his head, a shaken and deeply saddened President Obama appeared before the nation Tuesday to deliver the news that he had struck and killed former president Jimmy Carter with his car while driving through downtown Washington last night……..

………..According to Obama, he was driving through the intersection at Pennsylvania Avenue and 19th Street when Carter “came out of nowhere.” Saying that it all happened so fast, the president told reporters that he saw something appear in front of him and then he heard a loud thump as if he had hit a deer.

Will Obama be forever haunted with the terrible memory of Jimmy's face smashing against his auto's windshield?

Will Obama be forever haunted with the terrible memory of Jimmy’s face smashing against his auto’s windshield?

Obama reportedly remembered that there was a split second when he thought he saw Jimmy Carter’s face bounce off his windshield, but figured there was no way it could have been the former president of the United States. When he turned over the body to inspect it, however, he identified it as the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Georgia peanut farmer.

Obama said he wished he could be addressing the nation under different circumstances, and admitted that he is currently experiencing a severe case of shock……….  – theonion.com/


The above, posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



Note:  Above pics and / or videos found on the web.

Please Also Note:  The above posting is Satirical; or, at least intended to be so.

One comment

  1. Good job Nathan! When I first read these headlines I though it was a big mistake so I had to scrutinize it and then laugh.

    You will forgive me if I don’t believe everything I read. In my way of thinking, Obama and the word, “responsible,” do not fit the definition or any semblance of it, no matter who writes it…..And to think we almost forgot about Jimmy Carter like a bad nightmare. The man in the mirror is going nowhere it seems.

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