Obama home from his G20 Summit defeat: The walking dead

  • A fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul. – Proverbs 18:7 – NKJV
  • The way of the wicked is as darkness, they have not known at what they stumble. – Proverbs 4:19 – KJV


Obama is the last person who should lecture Syria about ethical behavior. Obama and his lackey enabling media have now sucked up the public's attention over his Syrian lecturing farce; - all to smoke screen the now public fact of his criminal ID fraud, thoroughly investigated and exposed by the continuing Sheriff Arpaio Investigation.

Obama is the last person on earth who should lecture Syria about ethical behavior. Obama and his lackey enabling media have now sucked up the public’s attention over his Syrian lecturing farce; – all to smoke screen the now public fact of his criminal ID fraud (forgery) thoroughly investigated and exposed by the continuing Sheriff Arpaio Investigation.

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One thing that Obama does not accept well; and that is defeat. But, defeat was never meant to happen, being elected America’s first black president. Obama’s grand entrance upon the world’s stage (following his election with false credentials) was a celebrated affair that had mainstream media touting his magnificent personality and stellar speaking ability.   However, all the speaking capability in the world cannot save Obama; especially since he had drawn his “red line” in the sand, regarding use of horrendous modern warfare weapons. All of the recent Obama’s big talk about militarily punishing Syria by targeted US Military strikes, has turned into political back peddling by his cabal government. Even Senate majority leader Harry Reid cancelled a senatorial vote.

And, by the way; guess who has popped into the mainstream media’s Obama smoke screening news about Syria, – and stated that the latest willingness of Syria to turn over its chemical weapons to a UN lock-in-key location, may be a “delaying” or “obstructionist” tactic? This (hypocritically) was spoken by none other than Hillary Clinton, better known by grieving parents and family members, as the Benghazi bitch. She of all people should talk about delay and obstructionism when she delayed and obstructed actions of rescue for the 4 Americans who didn’t have to die at the hands of Muslim terrorists because of her bumbling and irresponsible behavior as then US Secretary of State.

Obama may as well start becoming accustomed to defeat and ignominy. The Sheriff Arpaio Investigative findings of Obama’s criminally contrived ID fraud is gaining more and more public and political exposure traction. That fraud perpetrated upon the American people by Obama was and is the basis for Obama’s illegitimate presence in our nation’s White House, as de facto president.  Sooner or later Obama’s criminal behavior will be more fully exposed. Lies always fall prey to the truth. If Obama presently feels that he is among the walking dead; what will he feel like when a more informed American public truly witness him for the criminal fraudster, he truly is?

Obama’s dissociated zombie like appearance. Click on the pic to enlarge:

Telling pic of Obama back from his failed G20 Summit. Look closely at Obama's dissociated appearance. It is if his state of consciousness is significantly altered. How many meds had to be administered to our foreign travelling White House occupier to sedate the sting of his G20 Summit rejection. How in the world was Obama capable of campaigning for his unpopular cat call to wage war against Syria?

Telling pic of Obama, back from his failed G20 Summit. Look closely at Obama’s dissociated appearance. It is as if his state of consciousness is significantly altered. How many meds had to be administered to our foreign travelling White House snake oil salesman to sedate the sting of his G20 Summit rejection? How in the world was Obama even capable of doing Network interviews with his mental instability? (Were more meds needed?) Hasn’t any of Obama’s close advisers told him to give up his warmongering push against Syria? Hasn’t he been informed, that  with each and every day, Americans cannot trust him with anything he says? His latest presidential disaproval rating seems to indicate that.Note – above picture attributed to: news.yahoo.com – “….Obama departs the White House to meet….” – Reuters/Johnathan Ernest

It won’t be soon enough that Obama is gone from his White House occupancy, due to his growing mental incompetence and mental illness; and for his many criminally contrived scandals against this Constitutional Republic of The United States of America – and, criminal ID fraud, first and foremost.  Will our US Military step up to the plate and do the necessary job as did Egypt’s Military, deposing its Muslim Brotherhood supporter?


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Obama’s support for the Middle East Muslim Brotherhood terrorists not only illustrates his disassociation from reality, but his anti-American treasonous stance.

Many of the following links track Obama’s actions, agenda and policy; even though he has (supposedly) sworn to protect and defend America and its values. But, why does he throw his support to Muslim Islamic terrorists? Go figure………….

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Obama’s birth certificate documentation now publicly declared a forgery by the legal Sheriff Arpaio Investigation

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Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



Note:  Above pics and / or videos found on the web.


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