Latest Media conspiracy of silence: Ignores the 9/11 event of 1.2 million bikers

 2 Million Bikers Invade D.C. and Remind Us That 9/11 Still Means Something to Real Americans -

2 Million Bikers Invade D.C. and Remind Us That 9/11 Still Means Something to Real Americans –

Here we  go again with the US mainstream media going hog wild on focusing on negative events, – the alleged “Navy yard shooting.”

When do you ever read or hear in the news anymore, of the the latest “reported” news events? When do you read or hear that these [supposed] events are “alleged?” You don’t. It is, as if we all are supposed to accept, without reservation, what is broadcast to us.

We Americans are supposed to accept, “hook, line and sinker” what the mainstream media feeds us. But, that same media won’t, in balanced perspective, report the ongoing daily news of mainstream America, as was reported by many Internet blogs: that being, the million plus bikers who descended upon Washington DC:

The Latest Media conspiracy of silence: It ignored the 9/11 1.2 million bikers:

A Real Sleeping Giant is Awake –


………In January 2013 the number of active duty US Armed forces in the US and abroad was estimated at 1.4 million. September 11, 2013 1.2 million bikers stormed DC

The National Parks service denied the group a permit and assistance with their memorial ride and tribute. They rode anyway armed with the only permit that matters… The United States Constitution. And no one could do anything to stop it. What were they going to arrest them? Ticket them? Get real there were too many of them to do anything about it.

Now if you have not yet got the big picture here, then let me break it down for you even more………

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Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

Note:  Above pics and / or videos found on the web.


  1. Believe ‘you know who’ is still behind all the shootings, as in Sandy Hook, and the Navy shooter! He still wants to disarm this country! They just brought up the subject again last week wanting to pass ‘gun control’!

    1. Barbara –

      I would not doubt that this is, indeed the case, as you say. This is happening under the “Obama watch.” The same “watch” that spent much time and American taxpayer resources to bring about an “Arab Spring,” – aka, “support the Muslim terrorists,” in northern Africa and the Middle East.

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