Reported Capital Shooting: Like previous pre-planned events there was a “drill” going on in the vicinity

This author wonders how many crisis actors will "work" showing up at the DC Naval Yard memorial; and, how many of them will by showcased in subsequent Obama mainstream media propaganda videos and "news" articles.

Government crisis actors are often utilized for the gov’t / media contrived, pre-planned and smoke screen events.

The following pic and news piece were found on the web. Please note the related informational links below the pic:

Was yesterday’s Capital Building lock-down, car crash and shooting drama another contrived pre-planned false flag event? This author briefly flicked on some mainstream media news and witnessed MSNBC rabidly reporting an event that was assumed to have naturally taken place.

This author did not hear the journalistic words, “reported” or “alleged” used.  I flicked off the TV and thought of the parable of the boy who cried: “Wolf! Wolf!” Me thinks these media events are getting old.

The aforementioned, is not to suggest that no one was injured or killed. After all, we must remember, that with the Infanticide minded Obama, human beings are simply and casually expendable for his smoke screening purposes.

Those purposes are to aid in deflecting the reality of Obama’s usurping White House occupation (de facto presidency); and especially, his criminal ID fraud which illegally placed him as America’s Chief Executive.  [1]  [2]

Capital Shooting Occurred at Same Time As First Responders Were Participating In “Capital Shield 2014′ Drill –


Often common to these government / mainstream media shooting events, are coinciding government (practice) drills in a nearby vicinity. Such was the case with the Sandy Hook event. Note some of the informational links, below.

Related to the above:

This author is no fictional Columbo investigator. But, he has learned to ask questions and not to assume that government, law enforcement and media aren't without reproach.

This author is no fictional Columbo investigator. But, he has learned to ask questions and not to assume that government, law enforcement and media aren’t without reproach.

Also related:

Good News for Americans oppressed by the Obama and his criminal government cabal:

Scriptural Divine Revelation describes the wickedness of Obama and his destruction end (


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 

Please note 3 important informational links:

Election Projection – The Battle for Capitol Hill – 2012 Senate –

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors –

U.S. Constitution Online –

Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

Note:  Above pics and / or videos found on the web.    


  1. The dead people are considered as “collateral damage,” and really not important as compared to the implementation of the long-range goals. They call us “cattle,” and also refer to us as the “great unwashed masses.” So noted.

    1. Keller –

      I agree with you. That is the pathetic mentality of the ruling elites. Why wouldn’t they think so? After all, they are the same ruling elites who make special provisions for themselves to avoid the Obamacare that they have forced upon rank-in-file Americans!

  2. Pastor Nathan..

    You are a true man of the calling. You REALLY look out for your sheep, not only the sheep you know personally but those you come in contact with.

    You really ARE blessed.

    1. TMJ –

      Thank you (humbly) and kindly. I do what I can by God’s grace. To Him I give credit for bestowing upon me the wherewithal to believe, live and author as I do. But, I am far from perfect and, am a sinner, like all. However, I’m a sinner rescued by God’s good grace and given the God-blest gift of faith to be an adopted child of the Heavenly Father!

      God is not your heavenly father unless you are one of His children

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