Emissary from hell: Devastating implications of Obama’s lies and his recent California appearance propaganda


Aka Obama makes no bones about spreading his deceit. His modus operandi is to appeal to peoples’ highest aspirations. His former “hope and change” campaign slogan worked wonders. Foolish voters and Obama supporters fail to recognize Scripture’s teaching about “The depravity of human nature.” Hence, they continue to be duped by the criminal ID fraud scandal-ridden aka Obama.

People often incorrectly say that Obama is incompetent. Not so! Obama is evil! Please (especially) note the 4 pics, captions, related internal and other informational links:

“The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.” – Psalm 58:3 

“Fervent lips with a wicked heart are like earthenware covered with silver dross. He who hates, disguises it with his lips, and lays up deceit within himself; When he speaks kindly, do not believe him, for there are seven abominations in his heart; though his hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness will be revealed before the assembly. Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and he who rolls a stone will have it roll back on him. A lying tongue hates those who are crushed by it, and a flattering mouth works ruin.”

[Hebrew Old Testament {Bible} Scripture – Proverbs 26:23-28]

There is a good reason that the Triune God proclaims in His divine revelation that lifestyle liars will not inhabit “the kingdom of heaven” in their hereafter (eternal) futures. God would not be perfect nor loving to His dear children if He would allow lifestyle liars to inhabit heaven with His redeemed righteous.

Lifestyle liars deceive all those with whom they have contact. Normal, honest and successful human communication depends upon trust and truth. Lifestyle liars in positions of authority and power, (such as aka Barack Hussein Obama) continue to abuse basic honesty and normal communication by a sweeping proliferation flow of lying deceptions. Other than aka Obama’s most recent lie, that he is “kind,” is his recent Obamacare lies.

The Divine Revelation of the Holy Scriptures refers to Satan (the devil) as the father of lies. Those who follow in his footsteps, certainly are the devil's disciple spiritual offspring.

The Divine Revelation of the Holy Scriptures refers to Satan (the devil) as the father of lies. Those who follow in his footsteps, certainly are the devil’s disciple spiritual offspring.

No other sin can proliferate and exact as much human (suffering) damage, as deception. When human souls are themselves deceived; they deceive others. Their deception precipitates all other lifestyle sins. When a human soul lies about his very created existence, that denying disillusioned soul, lies to himself (in vociferous disagreement) against Christ’s two great Commandments of:  (1) loving the Triune God with heart soul and mind, and;  (2) loving one’s neighbor, as himself.

Deception fueled by individual, collective and compiling lies, culminate in its devastating tornado-type-track, shattered lives and dreams. Those who are swept away by big government’s  whirlwind lies; they are unable to look with anticipation to future individual endeavors. Specifically, Obama’s lies not only limit, but curtail individual human freedom and replaces that freedom with enslavement. It has never been God’s will that his creation be enslaved by tyrants who limit God-created human potential.

In short, aka Obama’s lying claim that all his beliefs are buttressed with “kindness,” is preposterous. This author would even say that BO’S claim is delusional. But, that assertion would presume that Obama’s lies are unintended. On the contrary, this Moralmatters.org author is convinced that aka Obama fully intends to deceive. He knows no shame. Obama is not kind; he is not compassionate. He is one of Satan’s favorite disciples. Baring individual genuine repentance, aka Obama will burn in hell for all his lifestyle lies.

Obama says his policies are built on ‘kindness’ – dailycaller.com

A clear (specific) example [below] of how Obama’s lifestyle lying is detrimental to honest hard-working Americans:

Why provide health care to senior citizens who paid their taxes into the system? What's the difference if they are subject to Obamacare "death panels" when health care can be granted to slothful and irresponsible young butt crackers who haven't contributed anything?

Why provide health care to lifetime taxpayer, senior citizens, who paid into the system? “What difference does it make” if they are subject to Obamacare “death panels” when Obamacare can be granted to slothful and irresponsible butt crackers who have contributed little, if not, anything? Christ who taught His Parable of the Talents, would not condone such dishonest and reprobate government healthcare policy. 

Obama is an unsavory extortion thief. It is well established as to his intentions and political record to re-distribute Americans’ wealth. How can a nation continue to normally exist when its very government destroys capitalism’s ability to “create” work opportunities for its citizens? How can this United States be traditionally and economically successful when people’s wealth is unfairly “shaken down” and given to those who despise Christ’s stewardship principles?

It is no secret that aka Obama’s White House occupancy manner of (corrupted) government, is to extort revenue and rip opportunity away from those who plan and work hard to make their own way. Obama’s Marxist mindset is to extort from the honest and re-distribute their hard-earned tax dollars to many of whom are slothful and willfully irresponsible.

Obama also has been known to molest Christian Scripture, misinterpreting what Christ stated about being our brother’s keeper. Obama believes government is to be the “corporate brother’s keeper.”  This is his (false) solution to peoples’ social problems.

Contrary to Obama, Christ, clearly makes it plain, in His parable of the stewardship of the talents that a man is to be personally responsible for what he possesses and what he has been entrusted [with]. [Matthew 25:14-30] No where does Christ ever hint that a person’s wealth should be micro managed by government and re-distributed.

Political extortion is the subtle means in which local, county, state and federal governments perform “legalized” thievery of rank-in-file Americans. This extortion can take place by government policies and actions which “redistribute” wealth. Example: The poorly run Freddie Mae & Fannie Mack government lending institutions which led to American homeowners losing significant equity value in their homes

Political extortion is the subtle means in which local, county, state and federal governments perform “legalized” thievery of rank-in-file Americans. This extortion can take place by government policies and actions which “redistribute” wealth. Example: The poorly run Freddie Mae & Fannie Mack government lending institutions which led to American homeowners losing significant equity value in their homes.

In Christ’s teaching parable, the servant who put to interest his given talents, and, who reaped an increase, was rewarded the one talent that the unfaithful servant squandered, by burying. And, in the end, the unfaithful servant was punished. What Obama, though, desires of US government, is opposite of what Christ taught. Obama wants big government, to reward slothfulness and unproductively by extorting (stealing) from rank-in-file productive American citizens, to unjustly reward an undeserving segment of the population which, oftentimes,  is content upon living off the continued productivity and successful efforts of those who work diligently and who wisely steward their money, as Christ’s parable, would illustrate.

This parable of Christ applauds personal responsibility and effort and frowns upon laziness and irresponsibility. If anything in the Christian Scriptures, is a “plug” for free enterprise and Capitalism; it is this parable of Christ. No where in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures is the idea that government should play the almighty extortionist thief and pilfer and steal from the industrious segment of society to re-distribute and reward the less industrious, the lazy and the irresponsible.

Note:  The aforementioned parable of Christ is a story with a spiritual / heavenly meaning. This web author only related a corollary temporal deduced interpretation, based upon the wider meaning of spiritual responsibility.

To be sure, aka Obama is the devil’s emissary. Divine Scripture speaks of Satan as “the father of lies.” His spiritual offspring, aka Obama, does not come up blank in that deception department. Obama asserts that he considers himself “kind” (compassionate) but his malevolent actions toward his fellow man, betray him. He leaves in his devastation tracks a weakened and broken America, with countless Americans suffering in multiple ways because of Obama’s personal and political sins of omission and commission.

Christ Himself offered the ultimate test to prideful and delusional human claims about their self-trumpeted personal goodness. Christ stated emphatically, that a bad tree does not produce good fruit. It’s as simple as that. Talk is cheap; and, with aka Obama, talk has become even cheaper.  It is a vast wonder that his teeth (or, dentures) look so polished and white, with all the nasty lies that have flowed through them.

Informational links related to the above commentary:

Read about Obama’s theft of America:  

Political Extortion – The Theft of America – moralmatters.org/2012/04/27/


 Photo opt pic of aka Obama helping serve Thanksgiving Dinner. An (earlier this month) similiar pic had aka Obama looking like he had been "medicated.' Will he go the way of all flesh as did Michael Jackson? - Pic attribution - news.yahoo.com

Photo opt pic of aka Obama (acting as if he is “kind”) – helping serve Thanksgiving Dinner. An (earlier this month) similar type pic, had aka Obama looking like he (also) had been “medicated.” Will he go the way of all flesh as did Michael Jackson? – Pic attribution – news.yahoo.com

Note in the following message:  A correct understanding of Christ’s parable of the pounds (talents):  

What Does the Bible Say About the Poor? – thechristianmessage.org/

Note in the following link how Barack Obama abused Scripture with his remarks about being your “brother’s keeper:”

President Obama and the Bible – michaelyoussef.com/

As to Obama’s false (lying) claim to be a Christian; please note:

Obama Not Christian – No More Than the Man in the Moon – moralmatters.org/2012/04/26/

Good news:

Obama and corrupted company are on their way out: Psalm 76:12 and Proverbs 15:25 – moralmatters.org

Please note for future voting consideration reference:

Posted by:  Nathan M. Bickel

Note:  Above picture (s) found on the web



    1. Martha –

      Yes. Spot on!

      Also, (before I saw your comment) I added the following to the very beginning of the MM posting:

      “People often incorrectly say that Obama is incompetent. Not so! Obama is evil!”

      1. Important to note that this, from the man who ‘created’ and via propaganda – that is, relentless LIES + DECEIT – upheld the “Hitler’ known to the German people.

        Even Goebbals was aware of Hitler’s true persona.

        Given the ever-surging push to remove aka Obama from office, America will soon be hearing from the “Obama” Conspirators exactly their assessment of the man behind the ‘brand’.

        1. Martha –

          I appreciate your grasp of history. Pray tell me who you think is aka Obama’s propaganda equivalent of Goebbels.

          Also, are you familiar with this one website?


          By the way, here [below] is a pic of Goebbels. Don’t you think he looks utterly miserable? After all, he was directly involved with Hitler’s Nazi wickedness. He looks “guilty as hell:”


  1. The wicked wear their sins on their faces.

    Who is Aka Obama’s Goebbals equivalent? The entire extensive cast of characters who created, marketed and defended Brand “Obama”.

    Think 1930’s – mid-1940’s Germany: most of the German ‘Volk’ had no idea that heroic Fuhrer Hitler was a propagandist’s creation.

    As investigations intensify, indictments are delivered, prosecutions commence, and convictions roll out, America will recognize most of the “Obama” Conspirators by the seemingly innocuous titles they held during their Revolutionary Reign Of Deceit.

  2. Great post! Where in the world did you find that third picture??? I hate to laugh with a subject so serious, but that pic did it.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Mike –

      I wouldn’t mind (at all) if you reposted the pic. Just (please) chip in to replace the cost of my cell phone. After taking that pic; it gave up the ghost! LOL!

      On the serious side and to specifically answer you question; I found the pic in the universe of cyberspace. I happened about it; and, it fit with the ideas I was attempting to convey in my commentary.

  3. Nathan I found this on you tube among other stories of the like. I as you believe that America is not far from falling. Once the dollar falls we will become a police state. We already have Russian soldiers here to back up Fema in disasters (supposedly). That’s the plan from the onset, satan’s use and deception of others.

    I believe our government has done many horrible things including the Twin Towers and building 7. How could it burn for months and months with only jet fuel? They took it away so quickly to prevent any investigation.. It was just like a demolition.The freemasons and the rich companies banks, etc, have ruled the world from the beginning.

    They are all freemasons, satan’s children. They blatantly use their worship satan symbols to each other. They have members of the illuminati in celebrity circles in music, etc. using them in music videos. Watch Beyonce’s super bowl performance, if you can stand it. Her husband, JZ uses them and claims he gets possessed also. His clothing line is all masonic symbols. Beyonce says she gets possessed by Sasha Fierce when she is on stage. Others are Madonna, Lady GaGa, Rihanna; you are out in music if you don’t. They want success and money, more than God. You probably know all this but, I have researched myself and see how everything they do influences the unaware. Not to mention all the logos of companies out there we see everyday. Are we ready for the New World Order? As Christians we know? Jesus told us in advance. Did you know there is a masonic temple in Kensington palace?

    This is long but, needed watching.


    1. Cheryl –

      Thanks for your comment and video! I have no doubt that what you say has not and is not, taking place. Someone basically, told me the other day that the “New World Order” is like a 7 headed snake. When one of the ruling contriving heads gets hacked off, the NWO snake continues to survive.

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