Obama’s narcissism explained by Dr. Sam Vaknin the author of Malignant Self-Love: A must hear interview


There is a normal “self-love” that is referenced by Christ when He said [paraphrase] “…..love the Lord your God……..and your neighbor as yourself.” However, the “malignant self love” is especially destructive when a nation’s political leader is sorely affected by such an abnormal and destructive behavior.

Obama’s narcissism explained by Dr. Sam Vaknin the author of Malignant Self-Love: A must hear interview

After hearing this interview, this Moralmatters.org author is even more convinced of aka Obama’s mental deterioration as described in this website’s multiple linked page – “Barack Obama’s Mental Illness.” Please note the following Moralmatters.org reader’s comment – and, then the very informative interview which you won’t regret taking the time to listen [to].

“captdax” left the following comment after the recent Moralmatters.org posting of:

Obama’s narcissistic personality disorder:  A summary description – moralmatters.org

An Interview with Dr. Sam Vaknin, author of the bestseller “Malignant Self-Love”, the definitive book on clinical narcissism.

Vaknin, in discussion with Brent Bedford and Matthew Ogden, emphasizes the frightening and cataclysmic implications of Barack Obama’s incurable mental state, and underscores the critical importance of Lyndon LaRouche’s dire warnings that Obama’s psychology mirrors that of Emperor Nero and Adolf Hilter — and will turn out to be just as destructive for the nation and the world, unless removed from office under the provision of the 25th Amendment.


Barack Obama’s Mental Illness

Obama’s narcissistic personality disorder: A summary description


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

 – Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel – 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



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    1. Dotta –

      From the looks of your comment, you didn’t listen to the video. Didn’t you even look at Dr. Vaknin’s book cover in the Moralmatters.org posting? The interview dealt with “malignant narcissism.”

        1. Dotta –

          I’m taking the liberty of responding to your reply directed to Martha Trowbridge, since she might not revisit this Moralmatters posting.

          I find your comment to be dishonest. If you understood exactly what “he said,” – then why in your first comment did you end up with your distorting assertion?

        1. Dotta –

          Again, I’m taking the liberty of responding to your reply directed to Martha Trowbridge, since she might not revisit this Moralmatters posting.

          Your comment is the old, old [sick and pathetic] leftist type unfounded assertion that is systemic of the manner in which aka Obama apologists contend. They will assert anything but reality and truth – all for the purpose of denial. They cannot stand to hear the truth. And, when the truth is mentioned, they will retreat into their own small (inside-the-box) world of small talk, ridicule and racist-type accusations.

          Consider your last comment as “Dotta Raphels” your last on this Moralmatters.org website. This website is intended to speak reality and moral truth. Don’t bother yourself and waste your time visiting here if you don’t care to be enlightened. Instead, use your online time to engross your aka Obama apologetic comments in one of the many leftist chat rooms and / or websites.

          Dotta –

          I just accessed your (“apparent”) website. When I went to the “About” page, my thoughts about “who you are” were confirmed. You state on your “About page:”

          Welcome to my world where time stands still and everything as you know it takes on a new meaning. Take off your shoes; relax. Let your mind wander with me.

          I promise you’ll never be the same again. Consider this “our” place, together let’s all weave a mean collage of tales. Facts, fiction, mystery, comedy and good old fashioned lust and greed. Anyway you look at it, it’s LIFE!”

          Finally, I find your view of life to be very incomplete. Your view of life looks inward rather than to the Creator / Savior who allows you free moral agency. But, unfortunately, you have (willfully) chosen to go your own way rather than to be beholden to objective reality as found in the historical documentation of the Holy Scriptures.

          Your “world” apparently is a very “relativistic” world – devoid of objective reality. Your perception of reality is personal, inward and lacking the holistic divine perspective.

        2. Dotta, do you ever ask yourself WHY you support Obama?
          He is a bad prez.
          You are calling these people bigots.
          But, isnt the reason you stick up for Obama based on his color?
          You need to take the plank out of your own eye.

          We want EQUAL treatment for pres’s REGARDLESS of color.
          You don’t.

          You want special rights given to him BECAUSE he is black, making yourself out to be the bigot.

  1. Pastor, my fav Pastor anywhere:

    I do NOT like Chris Christie as you well know…
    BUT, I believe that Hitlery was in on the release of emails.

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