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The Sheriff Arpaio Information Kit and the damning evidence of aka Obama’s ID Fraud

The most important political issue presently facing America is aka Obama's criminal ID fraud. That fraud is the very basis for his claim to his usurping White House occupation. Aka Obama needs to be charged, sentenced and severly punished for his crimes against this United States.

The most important political issue presently facing America is aka Obama’s criminal ID fraud. That fraud is the very basis for his claim to his usurping White House occupation. Aka Obama needs to be charged, sentenced and severely punished for his crimes against this United States.

Please note: If you the reader of this Moralmatters posting read and gather little if anything of new informational material; please do one thing and access the revealing “Sheriff’s Kit” that clearly exposes our White House occupier, who (presently) calls himself, “Barack Hussein Obama.”

Many thanks to Mike Volin and his website.  He was the idea and force behind the informational Sheriff’s Kit. Thank you Mike for supplying download public access to aka Obama’s ID fraud and deception! It’s there for all to witness. It’s unmistakable! Great job done by you, Sheriff Arpaio and his Investigative Team!


When the mainstream media does not report something of ultimate significance; that very omission reality is big news. Such has been (and continues to be) the all important news that our White House occupier, aka Obama has been found to possess forged ID documents. That ID fraud is very significant news. Call it “ultimate” news because that very news of aka Obama’s illegitimate United States chief executive position, has the genuine potential of radically altering America and its current deplorable political state.

Genuine news of aka Obama misrepresenting himself to gain the office of US president carries with it a criminal felony. Aka Obama grossly misrepresented himself, his life record and actual person in order to place himself in position of gaining the most influential political position here on this globe. And, don’t overlook the reality, that aka Obama has become the most recent (one person) destructive force our United States has ever experienced.

Aka Obama’s ID fraud’s deception has continued, too long. His compliant fellow criminal cabal regime and kowtowing mainstream media have gotten old. The whole lot of them and their repeated political deception, stink to high heaven. And, alternate and social media news of their molestation of traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America are now reaching (as never before) the eyes and ears of honest Americans throughout this United States. Truth may be slow in negating proliferating lies; but, eventually truth’s reality shines through the putrid darkness of intended deceit.

ObamaIDFraudDocumentsSheriffJoePicPlease note the following all important (Sheriff Arpaio Investigation’s) “Sheriff’s Kit” informational link. Gather for yourself some basic irrefutable knowledge. Then, start sharing this revealing knowledge to family, friends and personal multiple associations. Send letters, emails and make phone calls to your local, county, state and federal politicians. Drive home to them that aka Obama has usurped our nation’s top executive position as US president with his ID fraud deceptions. Send them the specific link to the Sheriff Arpaio information kit. This revealing and damning information of aka Obama needs to be widespread as the US mainstream media have proven themselves worthless; and, in the process, have complacently and compliantly protected aka Obama’s criminal ID fraud from the light of (exposure) day.

Sheriff’s Kit – dropbox.com/sh/4m1835gn4hftkjc/4WIGvgHkHe

Finally, while you arm yourself with the knowledge of aka Obama’s criminal ID activities, and while you share that all-important information; please pray for the God-Almighty to have mercy upon this United States. Pray that some controlling influential authorities take the necessary steps to soon put a halt to aka Obama’s 5 year molestation of patriotic, traditional and Constitutional America.

Note that it is not too late for our dear United States. Should aka Obama and his close-knit cabal be found guilty on the basis of the Arapio Investigative evidence, (and including future evidence)there is then the healthy and positive prospect of revoking and nullifying aka Obama’s fraudulent White House actions against this country. That, prospect includes aka Obama’s signed legislation, executive orders and appointments. Those negating actions, [Lord willing] will be a most refreshing day for America!

It’s time to bring an end to aka Obama’s molestation attempts to dismantle and permanently disable the America we cherish!

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 “A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

 “When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

 [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



Note:  Above pics and / or videos found on the web.  


Obama’s real father: Forget what you have already been told

Pic of Malcolm X, past black Muslim Communist activist. Martha Trowbridge offers evidence in her "Terrible Truth Investigative Research on Barack Hussein Obama II,"  that Malcolm X was the father of Barack Obama

Pic of Malcolm X – 1960’s civil rights activist. Investigative Researcher, Martha Trowbridge, offers convincing evidence in her “Terrible Truth” website, that Malcolm X was the father of Barack Obama.

This Moralmatters author should have known better. It didn’t ring a bell with him and he didn’t recognize it until he became more familiar with a distinguished investigative author’s writings about aka Barack Obama. Her name is Martha Trowbridge. Her website: “Terrible Truth – Investigative Research on Barack Hussein Obama II.”

But before this author relates more of Trowbridge’s “Terrible Truth” website with its wonderful and insightful articles about Obama’s background, he desires to first share where he went wrong about Obama’s true family background. Those of you who have frequented this website – have you ever witnessed this author freely admit that he got it wrong? His admissions to incorrectly arriving at his conclusions are about as scarce as hen’s teeth.

Why does it seem so difficult to unravel Obama’s family background past?

We live in unprecedented historical times. With the proliferation of pure digital Internet data, there is now the modern means to construct and reconstruct false IDS, false scenarios and false realities. Once created, by use of word processing and photo-shopped methods,  much if it can be incrementally added and, also deleted at the simple click of a computer mouse. Truth is now  susceptible to the continued wrangling of Internet computer use and / or misuse. However, raw and ultimate truth, by its very nature, is not something that can be forever discarded. Truth’s reality is a static quality; a premier attribute, not ultimately subject to human malevolent adjustment or manipulation.

But, in this temporal realm, truth is subject to that deadly and fatal disease known as deception and lies. Truth in this temporal [earthly] realm is always subject to defeat by deception. Only by the grace and mercy of Almighty God, will truth ultimately prevail over deception.

Deceptions and lies are the course of today’s present history. And that deception is increasingly prevalent as was prophesied by the divine revelation. Even Jesus Christ acknowledged the monstrous and tentacled grip that deception would clasp upon the last times, when He stated:

For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.  [Matthew 24:24 – NKJV]

Deception will become so great as this present world draws to a close, that Christ said, (that) “if it were possible” God’s own children would be taken for a deadly ride, deceived and would succumb to that deception. Christ’s words give us a very clear indication that deception would be so prevalent and so persuasive that it will sweep everyone away, except (for) those who are His and are guarded by His mercy,  power and eternal love.

One of the widely known quotes by the US White House Occupier hypocrite extraordinaire

One of the widely known quotes by the US White House Occupier hypocrite extraordinaire.

Discard what Obama said about his origins, as described in his “Dreams of My Father” book

This author will be very short and frank with you now. It is common knowledge that what Obama has said and continues to say,  cannot be treasured more than a hill of beans. Obama possesses the dastardly diabolical habit of speaking with a forked tongue. He is a masterful snake oil salesman. He is a stranger to the truth. He speaks repeated lies, so much so, that this deceptions seem to always possess a smoke screen specific purpose. His lies are intended to deflect what are his true and ongoing actions and agenda.

And, this author’s contention is, that Obama lied about his past family origins. Sadly and pathetically, though, that deception has been readily accepted as the temporal truth. How many people do you know who have accepted the Obama story line about his Hawaiian origins with a Kenyan father, Barack Obama I, and white mother, Stanley Ann Dunham? Virtually most people believe that, because that’s all they’ve been told. And, of course, that’s what the mainstream media has reported, over and over.

Who’s your Daddy, Obama? Malcolm X? – youtube.com/

So why would Obama lie and deceive about this true father (and, for that matter, his true mother)?

The answer to this question is rather obvious. Following on the heels of the 9/11 event and other previously reported acts of Muslim global terror, the US voting populace would have outright rejected aka Barack Obama. Simply put, he would not have been elected to the office of American  president having been the offspring of a Muslim Communist like Malcolm X. Hence, all the Obama smoke screen cover to hide his past and radical upbringing and Marxist bent.


Click on the pic (if it is still) to see for yourself the physical resemblance of Malcolm X (Daddy) with that of his [aka] Obama (son). This pic is one of those “morphing” pics.

This web author encourages everyone who reads this commentary piece to take the time and access Investigative Journalist, Martha Trowbridge’s excellent website. Access to the site’s articles requires a registration. It is well worth the meager fee. And, if you do not wish to continue the monthly small fee; register for one month and read all the articles; return after a few months, registering again, and read any additional commentary articles.

“Terrible Truth – Investigative Research on Barack Hussein Obama II” 


Obama’s real mother: Forget what you have already been told – moralmatters.org/2013/05/10/

Obama’s birth certificate documentation now publicly declared a forgery by the legal Sheriff Arpaio Investigation – moralmatters.org/2013/04/07/


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



Note:  Pics and / or videos found on the web. The Malcolm X video is found here – youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf1Vx8UyS_0