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Chris Christie now qualifies for the Office of US President

 Pic of Gov. Chris Christie and the White House occupier aka Obama - Pic attribution - "Is Chris Christie too fat to be president?" - news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/chris-christie-too-fat-president-172219453.html

Pic of Gov. Chris Christie and the ID fraud White House occupier aka Obama – Pic attribution – news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/chris-christie-too-fat-president-172219453.html

Apparently, New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie, has learned well from his Hurricane Sandy black bosom brother mentor, aka Barack Obama. Christie held a long marathon [over-kill] press conference explaining [away] the [traffic] bridge scandal which has the mainstream media all a-buzz.

Christie was politically brilliant in how he handled himself and the multiple questions. Governor Christie has now illustrated why he will qualify for the US presidency. Following are (essentially) the major reasons:

1) Christie acknowledged that some scandal had taken place after it was uncovered by outside sources.

2) Christie stated (in so many words) that he was “sorry” for whatever happened.

3) Christie said that he desired to get to the bottom of what happened.

4) Christie said he takes responsibility for whatever happened.

5) Christie stated that he had no knowledge of what happened prior to it being uncovered.

6) Christie blamed someone for the bridge scandal.

7) Christie fired someone because he (supposedly) had been lied [to].

Chris Christie, has now proven that he is a serious and formidable heavyweight contender for the US presidency. More importantly, he has illustrated to the mainstream media that he can field questions and offer the politically correct answers. Isn’t this the type of “responsible” individual everyone desires to be president of the United States; someone who will absolve himself and be accountable by blaming others? Certainly Governor Chris Christie must make his bosom buddy mentor,  scandal-ridden ID fraud White House occupier, – aka Barack Obama,  very proud.

Oh! Just one other thing; will Chris Christie use the same type of tactic that Obama used to gain presidential election votes? Remember how Americans were accused of being racist if they did not vote for a black? Will Americans be accused by the Christie crowd of being bigoted if they don’t vote for aka “Mr. Big?”

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



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2016 Presidential Election: Worthless to vote Republican

Moralmatters.org Reader, “Dev,” has left a comment on Friday’s recent blog article:  Why give thanks to God after this corrupted 2008 US election? – moralmatters.org/2012/11/23/

Comment by Moralmatters.org Reader, “Dev:”

Where there is smoke; there’s a fire. The Republican Party knew that there were voting irregularities happening during early voting before Election Day. Yet, they allowed American voters to be cheated. They are no better than the cheating opposition for not standing against this massive voter and voter machine fraud.

>>>>>> Gov. Romney conceded in two hours. Not even a whimper of complaint about the massive voter and voting machine fraud. One PA precinct had 9 registered voters but listed 900 Obama votes!!! He spent a billion dollars on the campaign and threw all away without so much as a frown.

This does not pass the smell test, Nathan. Dems concentrated their fraud crimes in four states and that tipped the election. It’s just that simple.

The national election was a Crime Scene as my poster indicated. –  <<<<<<

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Moralmatters response:

So, there you have it – traditional America and Conservative voters!  Conservative Constitutionalists, Conservative (traditional) Republicans, birthers, Independents, Libertarians and self respecting Black, Hispanic and Latino “minorities;” – if you cast your vote for the 2016 Republican nominee; you might as well, have not even wasted your time and effort. Why? –  Because history is more than likely to repeat itself. The lib Democrats will have their cheat operation, open and ready for voter fraud business, just as they did this last 2012 election. And, it won’t matter; because the status quo (traditional) country club Republican Party won’t have enough self respect to fight for a fair elections.

As the guest comment strongly implied; – all that money spent on the Republican nominee for president; and he cowers to a whimper.  For all practical purposes; he immediately conceded, without any concerted legal challenge. And, it is highly unlikely that there will be no remedy by law to fix the practice of fraudulent presidential elections in the near future;  since the lib Dems are in control of 2 out of the 3 branches of US government.

When, if ever, will Republicans go to court, as Democrats do, to overturn what they are convinced, is unjust? The very reality that the Republican Party did not put up a legal challenge fight; is all you need to know, that it isn’t worth voting Republican anymore in presidential elections. The passive (cowering) defeatist behavior on the part of Romney and the Republicans, dampened any potential and forceful legal challenge to the massive voter and voter machine fraud!  As the guest commenter indicated, “…..This does not pass the smell test…..”

Now, please don’t come up with the cockamamie excuse that some decades ago the Republican Party legally signed off on all future voter fraud objections because of a legal mutual consent decree agreement in some court case. And, if that were truly so; and if it were currently legally binding; then, that is all the more reason to dump the Republican Party (for their next presidential candidate) and stand behind some strong third political party candidate!

This blog author and politically Conservative Christian voter won’t give the Republican Party another vote for their presidential nominee, come 2016. The GOP has been found sorely wanting by the likes of the know-it-all type, Karl Roves, RNC chairs and so-called Ann Coulter “conservatives.” It’s now time to go Third Party on a national political scale for the high federal office of US president!

The Republican Party knew (and knows) that Obama illegally occupies the White House. Yet, this obvious reality was not enough for Mitt Romney to go after Obama’s Achilles ineligibility heel. The GOP continues to play its [losing] political blooper ball, while the Dems play [winning] hardball.

Finally, what has happened is almost unforgivable. It almost appears as if the national Republican Party not only selected Mitt Romney as their pet nominee; but, they under girded the conditions (as such) that he would fail – thus taking the fall. That worthy speculation leads to some important questions:

“Why didn’t Gov. Romney attack Obama’s Achilles heel which was Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate and the whole area of Obama not meeting the US Constitutional “natural born citizen” requirement for the legal qualification for the presidency?”


“How many in the Republican Party didn’t (and don’t) believe that its candidate is worthy to lead and go on the offensive against the Democrat opposition?  Why not? Are these (so-called) Republicans only “Republican in name only?” [RINOS] And, if so, isn’t it all the more reason for Conservative Constitutionalists, Conservative (traditional) Republicans, birthers, Independents, Libertarians and self respecting Black, Hispanic and Latino “minorities” to vote for a Third Party political candidate who can lead them and pull their votes together?”

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Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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